Shinjuku Record, Shinjuku

After 2 posts from Australia, we are back in Japan for some more presentations of record stores in Tokyo. 
As the name of the store states rightfully, this interesting record shop is located  in Shinjuku. It was open by the Fujiwara family in 1970. They still run the place and, when you visit, there is a big chance that you will see behind the counter Yoichiro-san (the son). They might not have the typical hard rock look but do not get the wrong impression : if you have any question about hardrock, ask him. There is a big chance that he has the answer…

DJ Sheep (Brisbane, Australia) - 3 x Australian State DMC DJ Champion / Terntable Jediz / Dirty Diggaz

This post is a break to the visits of record stores. I met Bevan aka DJ Sheep during my stay in Brisbane in June 2011. We met at a weird gear session and we quickly hit it off. He then offered me to make a record collector, DJ and digger portrait at his place as follows ... 

The Vintage Record, Sydney

Second stop in Sydney. An iconic record store here, called The Vintage Record.
It is owned and run by Phil Thomson and Jimi Polar. You'll see Jimi on the pictures. The store is located on Parramatta Road in the music instruments dealers district and not too far from Pigeon Ground record store (only 10 minutes walk). You'll see in the future posts that record stores I've visited are very closed to each other.

The Record Store, Sydney

Another stop in Sydney Australia. I visited "The record store" in May 2011 and met Stephan one of the owners. This store is located in the nightlife area of Crown Street.

Pigeon Ground Records and Clothing, Sydney

After visiting not all (which is quite impossible) but a significant number of Tokyo record stores, I've decided to extend the posts to other cities over the travel I (or friends) could do. I visited Pigeon Ground during my stay in Sydney in May 2011.