Face Records, Shibuya

Face Records is the record selling entity of the company Face to Face Ltd.
Shinichi Takei, the CEO and founder of the company, started selling records in 1993 as a mail order service first and he opened the Shibuya store in 1996.

This very nice little shop has about 3 000 records of mainly soul, funk and jazz records.
Takei-san travels abroad extensively (about 6 times a year, to the US mainly, not much to Europe anymore…) to buy interesting pieces.
The mail order business still represents about 70% of the company sales and there is an English version of the site. And it is interesting to notice that they have a mobile site as well (and in English too !). Rare enough in Japan to be underlined…
On the web, you will find a very smart video to show you how to get to the store. Considering how difficult it is to find a place in Shibuya’s back streets, this very good idea is a life saver.
One more thing : they recently started a “shopping point program” that enables buyers to get dicsounts.
Finally, you will find in the store various accessories of great design for your eyes AND your listening pleasure : needles and cartridges (one from Taruya with a very good sound), original design holders (wooden and brass, some with interesting donut shapes…), all sorts of tools to store your records (hard sleeves, special boxes, etc.) and a beautiful made in Japan wooden box that will allow you to carry around safely your favorite collection.
Have a look at the site and, when you stop by Tokyo, do not forget to pay them a visit.

Face Records
#203, 41-23 Udagawa-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Tel : 03-3462-5696


  1. When in Tokyo i always go here !

  2. the best record shop in the world in my opinion, new records coming in and out everyday, even small amount but killer selection, almost all records are killer Joe Davis,