Big Love – Escalator Records, Harajuku

Big Love is the new name (from 2011) of what used to be Escalator Records, in Harajuku.
Masashi Naka opened this very unique place in 2002, specializing in electro music. Little by little, Naka-san started to distribute various indie labels from the US and the UK (vinyls and cassette tapes, new only).
His catalog of about 2000 references is 100% from outside of Japan and I believe this is a unique concentration of such rare and particular productions.
Naka-san does not travel abroad much (who would be in the store ?), he is in direct contact with the labels he is working with thru the internet (and imports directly from them). Also, he produces himself a bit (about 10 records per year).
You can find records and CDs from artists like Ariel Pink, XX, etc.
In Big Love, you will also be able to find various accessories (Tshirts, mugs,…) under the “Big Love” brand and you will enjoy one the 6 beers made in Shiga Kogen, Nagano Prefecture (I can guarantee you that you won’t find those beers in many bars in Tokyo…).
Ah yes, one more thing : looking at the signatures on the wall, you can read good words from people like the Daft Punk and Justice. This stands for a very good recommendation, if you ask me…

Big Love – Escalator Records Co. Ltd.
Houei Bldg 2F-A, 2-31-3 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Tel : 03-5775-1315

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  1. hello Naka the 6 /6/2013
    I'm Jean Pierre from brussels ,i'm coming to japan in end of june 23 to 2 july 2013,you are in tokyo on this date !!
    please let me know,i like to see you for drink one glass beer or wine !!!!
    so ,see you later maybe jean pierre from brussels and Teresa