Darumaya, Higashi-Ikebukuro

The Darumaya record store is definitely a must go if you come to Japan. Open in 1995 by Hagiwara-san, this fairly big shop is a fantastic treasure field for happy diggers. Located close to Ikebukuro Station, in the Northern part of Tokyo, it is probably the biggest stock of LP’s physically available in one place in the country.

Coco Isle Music Market, Shibuya

Located between Shibuya and Harajuku (close to big Shibuya fire station, on the street going towards Yoyogi Park), Coco Isle Music Market is one of those exquisite super hyper specialized records stores. You are into Jamaican and Hawaiian reggae ? This is your place.

Big Love – Escalator Records, Harajuku

Big Love is the new name (from 2011) of what used to be Escalator Records, in Harajuku.
Masashi Naka opened this very unique place in 2002, specializing in electro music. Little by little, Naka-san started to distribute various indie labels from the US and the UK (vinyls and cassette tapes, new only).

Face Records, Shibuya

Face Records is the record selling entity of the company Face to Face Ltd.
Shinichi Takei, the CEO and founder of the company, started selling records in 1993 as a mail order service first and he opened the Shibuya store in 1996.