Next Records, Shibuya

Next Records was founded in 2000 by Koji Imamoto.
Located in Shibuya, this store sells only original pressing 12 inch singles. And they really do that…
You will find in this very bright shop references of all types of urban and black music : hip-hop, disco, funk, R&B, etc. 

And Imamoto-san insists : no bootleg here !
The website is manageable for non Japanese readers and, in case of a problem, you can always send an email. An answer will come.
Once a year, Imamoto-san travels to the US to look for records (mainly NY and the West Coast).
And do not expect to find anything else in the store : no clothes, no accessories, no CDs, no books.
We told you : Next Records is THE rare and collectable 12 inch singles specialist in Japan !

Next Records
Ryukou Bldg 3F, Udagawa-cho,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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