The Perfect Circle, Shibuya

Shibuya is without any doubt the “must stop” for any music lover visiting Tokyo. Once you get there, the challenge will be for you to find The Perfect Circle.

This little record shop full of rare treasures is located in the building right opposite of Tokyu Hands (even if you do not understand now, this is the best way to get there as Tokyu Hands is definitely known by everybody…).
Once you are at the door, make sure to knock even if it looks closed. There is a big chance that Mitsuru Muto, the owner of the place, is actually there.
Muto-san opened this place in 1986. He has got a catalog of about 5000 records and specializes in blues, 70’s hardrock, rare souls from the 60’s… among other goodies.
Muto-san travels about twice a year to the US (LA, SF) to find some records, and he plays guitar in a blues/rock band that goes by the name “Muto and the movers”.

The Perfect Circle
311 Noa-Shibuya Bldg, 36-2 Udagawa-cho
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Tel : 03-6416-3510