Jaro, Shibuya

Let’s continue our visit of Shibuya and of the many marvels this fantastic place has to offer : Among the most amazing places (shops) that I have ever seen, Jaro is definitely in the top 3 : the total surface of the store is about 10m2 (and no, this is not a printing mistake… 10m2 REALLY is the total size of this space, toilet included !) and it is in a basement. So good luck for finding it, although it is really close to Hachiko square in front of Shibuya station and about 30m from the department store 109.
But keep looking because, if you are a jazz fan, you will be rewarded a 100 times.

Kenji Shibasaki, the owner, opened this shop in 1973. That makes him one of the oldest record stores of Japan (probably the oldest). He sells jazz only used vinyls and his selection is literally amazing (about 8000 records, all neatly classified and stored on shelves all around the walls of this tiny Ali Baba cavern).
Shibasaki does not travel abroad to buy records because if he leaves, there is no one to take care of the shop ! But, over the years, he made friends from all over the world, people he stays in touch with and who send him interesting leads and good tips.
A lot of jazz fans and vinyl collectors stop by his place, including many jazz musicians touring Japan.
Shibasaki-san is proud to mention that he has clients over 2 generations coming to his shop ! (parents bringing their children).
One last thing : although the place is tiny, you will see on a shelf around the room the most amazing matchbox collection, from various jazz clubs all over the world.

Discland JARO
26-6 , Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0042
Tel : 03-3461-8256

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  1. just went to this shop yesterday. Really amazing both how he managed to cramp in so many records and the quality of stuff here. They're mainly original or early pressings so don't expect to find bargains. But if you can stomach the prices, there's a high chance he will have what you're looking for, right here right now.