Jaro, Shibuya

Let’s continue our visit of Shibuya and of the many marvels this fantastic place has to offer : Among the most amazing places (shops) that I have ever seen, Jaro is definitely in the top 3 : the total surface of the store is about 10m2 (and no, this is not a printing mistake… 10m2 REALLY is the total size of this space, toilet included !) and it is in a basement. So good luck for finding it, although it is really close to Hachiko square in front of Shibuya station and about 30m from the department store 109.
But keep looking because, if you are a jazz fan, you will be rewarded a 100 times.

Sonota (Manual of Errors), Shibuya

For those of you who followed our previous post and managed to get to this rather old building right opposite from Tokyu Hands, just know that the treasure hunt is not over… Try to get to the 11th floor (depending on the entrance you used, it is not as easy as it sounds) and go to the 1103 apartment. There, you will find the shop Sonota, from the little label Manual of Errors.

The Perfect Circle, Shibuya

Shibuya is without any doubt the “must stop” for any music lover visiting Tokyo. Once you get there, the challenge will be for you to find The Perfect Circle.

This little record shop full of rare treasures is located in the building right opposite of Tokyu Hands (even if you do not understand now, this is the best way to get there as Tokyu Hands is definitely known by everybody…).

Yellow Pop, Shimokitazawa

Several shops are named “Yellow Pop” in Japan (in different parts of Tokyo) but they are not necessarily related.
The one in Shimo-Kitazawa (at the crossing of the Inokashira and Odakyu lines) was opened in 1980 and is run by Masanori Sato.

Record Fair in Ikebukuro Tokyo

On January 9, 10 and 11, we visited the Ikebukuro Record Convention : Ikebukuro is a neigborhood in the North of Tokyo, around a very important train station. This convention takes place 2 or 3 times per year, in the “kumin center” of the city hall (a space reserved for social and cultural event), located at walking distance from the station. It is organized by Takahisa Hagiwara, the owner of the record shop DARUMAYA located in the same part of Tokyo (but that we will introduce to you in more details in another post).