Jet Set Records, Shimokitazawa

Jet Set Records was created in 2003 and it can be considered now as an important player in the Japanese indie music world : based in the Kansai Region (West of Japan), Jet Set not only has 2 stores (1 in Kyoto, 1 in Tokyo) but it has as well a website with an English version (rare enough to be mentioned), with a mail order section AND… it produces its own records ! (about 50 per year).
50 000 references! From reggae/ska to nu jazz or breakbeats, from house/techno to Japanese pop, one can find here interesting stuff in basically any music genre.
As a label, Jet Set is highly appreciated by DJs for its house and techno production. They sell records from all over the place, they travel extensively to Europe and the US to buy second hand LPs and some re-issues.
Stopping by the store, you might run in some famous DJs (the change mat on the counter has been signed by Francois K.).  Always good for tips…

JET SET (Tokyo)
2-33-12-201 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo 155-0031
Tél : 81-3-5452-2262

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